Living the quiet life on Edisto Beach, SC

We were able to leave Charleston as planned and the kids did great on the 45 mile motor to Edisto Beach SC.  Jack is helping some friends here in Edisto work on their boats and troubleshoot issues.  This is Jack’s forte.  I tease him that he secretly likes it when challenges arise or things break on our boat because he loves using his mind to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.  I always had a childhood crush on MacGyver because he could fix anything with very little at hand.  I love this about Jack, how he dumpster dives to find the right mix of parts to fix what he needs to on our boat.  I tell Jack that I married my MacGyver, only more handsome.

Sunset from the aft deck on our fourth anniversary

We just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this past week.  With small children, eating at restaurants is usually not relaxing or enjoyable so we opted to eat in and put the kids to bed early. Huge t-bone steaks, baked potatoes with butter, spinach salad and a wonderful bottle of wine went perfectly with the pink sunset and gentle breeze.

There was much joyful evening reminiscing of our lovely wedding in my parent’s backyard, or as my sister Megan calls it, “the day the world changed forever.” I’ll let her explain in the form of a comment below when she gets a free minute.

The vows

Preparing for the grand exit

We are currently tied up alongside a 50 foot sailboat at a friend’s private dock, it’s a great setup for us.

Crab cleaned and ready for the pot

Edisto Island is quaint, full of beaches, has a bike trail around the island and three swimming pools that we take full advantage of.

Our friends have a garden on their property that they so kindly let us eat from, crab traps that we set and enjoy the bounty of, a shrimp net to try our hand at, etc.

We have found so many lovely people in our wanderings just as we try and be lovely people to those we meet along the way.  The adage “you reap what you sow” has proved true over and over in our lives.

Thanks for all the boat name ideas, you came up with some great ones!  The one that received the most positive comments so far has been “Midensea,” suggested by my cousin Kami Chapman.  Thanks Kami!  We can’t actually make the change until next year when we send in our boat’s annual registration papers but we wanted to start the process early to come up with the perfect name.  Keep the creativity flowing and the ideas coming in!

Thursday at dawn we are casting off lines and heading for Brunswick, GA.  The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate for a sail on the “outside” so we will motor 3 days down the Intracoastal Waterway.  Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to catch a fish for some sushi.

About Oh, the Places We've Been!

In 2008 I married Jack, the love of my life and the only man that could ever keep up with me. Instead of the nice little French Colonial with a white picket fence, we opted to make our home on the 46-foot catamaran "Let it Be". Since living on a sailboat we've had two kids and sailed thousands of miles along the coast of Central America, the United States, the Bahamas and currently Baja California. Our family of four is always ready for the next adventure and we’re never quite sure where it will take us next. Oh, the places we still have yet to go!
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10 Responses to Living the quiet life on Edisto Beach, SC

  1. unclelawwy says:

    Congratulations, darling. I chortle to some extent when I think how unlikely it would have been just five years ago that you would write happily of a “huge t-bone steak and baked potatoes.”

    You were a gloriously beautiful bride just as you are a beautifully glorious mama. xxoo.

    • KelownaJo says:

      Yes, the “huge T-bone steak” comment threw me off a bit as well kiddo! Thinking of all the things you missed at The Carnivore in Kenya!

      • Oh, the Places We've Been! says:

        Jo, made me laugh thinking about my eating fried lettuce in Africa b/c I wasn’t eating meat then. It did save me from that neon pink bologna-like stuff that surfaced along the way. What wonderful memories. Looking forward to our families adventuring together one day, maybe in 2020 for your 20 year anniversary? Hey, 20-20-20, feels right. Chris, her husband Todd & their 2 kids would love to go as well. Whatcha think of caravanning across Africa, each family with their own Land Rover?

    • Oh, the Places We've Been! says:

      Yeah Unc, kinda funny the squiggles along life’s path. Gotta try everything once … and I must say I’m glad my vegetarian days are tried and over. Speaking of, Jack is waiting for me to send up the burgers to grill. Supurb timing for this reply, eh?

      • karen foutch says:

        I so had to laugh with uncle Lawwy when I read your post on a beautiful steak and baked potatoe ! I thought Nicole describing meat and melted butter this way, what happened to tofu and juicing ? You have definetly come a long way ! As always wishing You all safe travels,

  2. Alyson says:

    Edisto Island is a wonderful place. My family and I and have vacationed there and I have a group of friends I go there with each year. So relaxing!

    Love your wedding pictures. A beautiful bride and a handsome groom. Happy belated anniversary!

    • Oh, the Places We've Been! says:

      Alyson, I really enjoyed our time here on Edisto Island. Just got back from a long walk on the bike path. We are planning on passing through here in the spring as well, when will you be here next year?

  3. Keith Kibler says:

    You guys be careful and be led by the spirit! N, how would I email you, other than a public post?

  4. Tara says:

    Enjoyed meeting you guys. Hope to see you all when you return in the spring. I will definitly be following your journey. Safe travels. 🙂

  5. karen foutch says:

    I Like the name Pura Veda means pure life.

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