Whales and lobsters and mahi mahi

November 19, 2014

Sailed 55 bumpy miles yesterday, the boat handled beautifully, I love this boat. The whales are currently migrating south so we spent the day trying to figure out what kind of whales we saw blowing and surfacing. Jack wanted to get closer so he could get a good view while I wanted to steer clear of the huge mammals lest they decide to get playful with our boat. Marietta wanted to share the latest shells and sea glass she found at the beach, she is organizing them to do an art project now. We had another wonderful gift from kind local fisherman, they brought us 7, yes seven, lobsters and wouldn’t accept anything for them. Marietta ate a whole lobster by herself and Jack Jack wasn’t far behind. Future suitors beware: these little guys are developing expensive tastes.

Not a bad place to watch the sun go down, eh?

Not a bad place to watch the sun go down, eh?

Organizing our growing collection of treasures found at the beach.

Organizing our growing collection of treasures found at the beach.

Free lobster!

Lobster tastes even better when it’s free!

November 21, 2014

Raising anchor in t-15 minutes to leave the little village of Punta Abreojos. Their claim to fame is to have the highest concentration of nesting ospreys in North America. Quite a cacophony of sounds floating through the breezes. We attempted to find fresh vegetables but were largely unsuccessful except for some nice looking avocados. It’s been two weeks since I went to the supermarket and our fresh veggies are looking a bit sub par. This is good practice for our jump into the Pacific in a little over a year, I’ve heard it’s difficult to find fresh foods. In the afternoon the kids made treasure maps then we went to the beach to try and find their buried treasures. We have been doing a lot of route planning so the kids are interested in learning to use maps. Today we sail 130 miles to Bahia Magdalena or “Mag Bay’, we plan to arrive tomorrow morning. Internet very slow here, could only get one pic to upload, hopefully will have better internet in Mag Bay.


November 22, 2014

Just arrived in Bahia Santa Maria after a 145 mile sail. The highlight was definitely the mahi mahi we caught yesterday, looking forward to a hearty lunch. The seas were calm and the kids did various art projects, more treasure maps, and while Jack Jack was napping Marietta did a self portrait out of the shells and sea glass she found a few days ago. I was impressed, she did it on her own then called me over to show me. I see a nap in my near future as I did my normal 12a-3a watch. I accomplished reading a whole cookbook on my device, “The Soupmakers Kitchen”. Gotta find ways to use all the seafood that is coming our way. Never thought of making fish soup with the heads. OK, off to tidy up the boat, it’s a bit of a mess after the sail. Cheers!



Treasure maps.

Treasure maps.

Ta's self portrait.

Ta’s self portrait.

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1 Response to Whales and lobsters and mahi mahi

  1. princessma48 says:

    So good to hear from you! The things you are teaching your children would not be taught in school! They will grow up to be so smart with all the life experiences they are getting right now!

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