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The Duck Debacle

Captain Jack here… Some might say that there is nothing like the wee hours of the morning, moments when the day begins to dawn in a setting where nature envelops us like a cocoon and the changing light with its … Continue reading

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Captain Jack here… There is a magical moment when you put to sea on a sailboat. It is the moment when you have cleared the harbor and the reefs or the rocks, the sails are set for the next hundred … Continue reading

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Where to run and when to hide…or is it when to run and where to hide?

Life aboard ship is not always about those beauties in bikinis, turquoise waters and cocktails at sunset as the magazines would have you believe. My friend Doug characterizes this life by saying, “Yes, the highs are very high and the lows, VERY low!” Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name or why do we choose one over another? Sometimes it is a very simple process, as with our firstborn. But the decision was not so easy as the days wound down to the arrival of our son. Continue reading

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