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How ’bout Some Pictures?

Cap’n Jack Here… Hey, I just got the bright idea to upload a bunch of photos. We are in Santa Rosalía, a small mining town located about half way up the Baja California peninsula.  We arrived after a few days … Continue reading

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Cat Calls and Summer Squalls, Part III

Part III Cap’n Jack here… I last left you in Newport harbor where we spotted the Fontaine Pajot (FP) Mahe catamaran as we dinghied back to the Kitty Hawk. The story continues. We became friends with Mike Cote and his … Continue reading

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Cat Calls and Summer Squalls (Part II)

Part II Cap’n Jack here… It was now spring 2013 and we were planning to cruise up to and spend the hurricane season in New England. We were looking forward to the cooler weather remembering the sweltering summers spent in … Continue reading

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Captain Jack here… There is a magical moment when you put to sea on a sailboat. It is the moment when you have cleared the harbor and the reefs or the rocks, the sails are set for the next hundred … Continue reading

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Provisioning for the cast off

Tomorrow is the big day!  After six months in Charleston we are casting off lines and migrating south for the winter.  We have many stops mapped out on the way to the Bahamas but as Jack always says, “Sailors have … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name – Boat Edition

Jack and I were recently talking about changing our boat name to something that is meaningful to both us as a couple and us as a family.  The current boat name is “Kitty Hawk” and it came with the boat.  … Continue reading

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A Virtual Tour of the Kitty Hawk

Many people have asked to see photos and learn more about our sailboat home. To help you visualize the backdrop for all of our adventures at sea, we are taking you on a virtual tour of the Kitty Hawk. This is the first installment in that series. Continue reading

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